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Many people use disposable plastic bottles that harm the environment, our health, and our wallets from the time they come out of the bottling plant to the time they are no longer needed. This harm starts at the beginning at the bottling plant. The PET bottle was born from oil and most of those bottles are not even recycled and some are even incinerated, releasing harmful chemicals into the air we breathe. Others become litter in our communities.


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Wondering how you can make a big impact with one small change in your lifestyle?
Ditching bottled water is a great way to protect the environment and your health while saving hard-earned money!  To reduce use of plastic water bottles and littering, “True Travellers” introducing bamboo hot/cold water bottles as these Reusable bottles are a great way to save money, protect the environment, and preserve your health. This Bottle is easy to clean having Capacity of 400 ml liquid. It can Keep hot for 6-12hrs, and cold for 10-18hrs.

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